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Jim Boothe

Magician | Mentalist

Welcome to the magic!

Magic is everywhere and we are glad you found us here!
If you are looking for Incredible, Supierior Magic or Mentalism, your search is over.
Jim Boothe is MagicianISM
MAGICIANISM = A magician with incredible, supieriour, magic and mentalism abilities. Defined by young spectators waching performaces of Jim Boothe.
with a solution for any event large or small. Look around the site to find all the magic you will need. Find the correct magic package for your next event and contact us to book today!

Magic at Events
We can turn any event into a truly Magical experience. Jim Boothe has been perfecting magic since the age of 5 years old! With our wide selection of magical services and packages we can get magic at your event and meet your budget! We do Birthdays, banquets, corporate events, holiday shows, close up, and yes magic just about anywhere!
Magic Classes!
Magic classes for ages 8 and up! Performing and learning magic for over 25 years has its perks. Even though magic is a secret art it teaches children dexterity, social skills, focus, discipline, and more! Sign up for priviate or group magic classes and get in on the ground floor with a new platform of mixing learning with a creative art.
Mentalism gets into the mind. With Jim Boothe's Force of the mind act, watch as he amazing a audience with just his mind. You will not want to miss this chance to find out what mentalism really is. Witness your mind being forced!

The Wizards News and Calendar!

Check out our online booking calendar for open dates and time, we try to respond to requests within 4 to 6 hours. Find a open time slop on the day of your next event and request that time, we will then reserve that spot for you and contact you for specifics. Below is also our upcoming events, news, and social media posts.

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